Friday, March 23, 2012

Purpose of this Website

My good friend Brad and his wife (and their now 4 children) have been missionaries in Mexico for 5 years. Brad was my best man, and I was his, we've known each other since we were infants, and it was a sad day to see him and his family move from Chicago to Mexico. Brad has always been to me a portrait of God's grace and mercy, Lindsay has been an outstanding woman of God. Both of them have displayed to my wife and I what it means to humbly walk with the Lord, and to follow his call no matter what the circumstances.

I've created this website in response to a tragedy that has recently fallen on this family. The details are below, but in short, they've lost most of what they had. Below is their story, as well as some very humbling thoughts that Brad has released in a letter to his supporters.

I'm asking for people to first of all pray for this family, as they have many difficult decisions in front of them, and will need much wisdom. Pray for the healing that will need to take place as they deal now with the emotional impact of such a life shattering event. Pray also for their safety, and for the Lord's continued mercy and protection.

As little as material things are worth compared to the safety of their family, the Sturms will need help rebuilding their life. Much of what they own was taken from them, including food and other necessities. If the Lord compels you to help this family, please visit Christian Missions in Many Lands to financially support this family in their time of need. Even very small donations will help, and I know they will be very grateful.

If you want to know more about this family, you can also visit their website.
In Christ,

Chris Wozniak


  1. Our family has just returned back to the States after 6+ years serving in China. Last year at about this time Chinese men broke into our home while we were sleeping and stole our computers and cameras and money. We were so fortunate not to have faced the intruders the way you did but were also overwhelmed like you at the mighty hand of God protecting us and also providing for our family through the Body of Christ after the incident took place. It was amazing for us to see how God had prepared, even beforehand, people who would be used to provide for the needs we had after that incident as well as to hear stories of people who faithfully pray for our family every single day. It is humbling and overwhelming and I have no doubts that we were always protected during our time in China in part due to the prayers of the saints who were continually lifting us up. Since that time it has always been difficult for me to gain back that sense of peace or innocence that was there before, knowing that someone could break in to our home again, but leaning on God's grace and mercy and knowing that He is perfectly in control of our every moment has been a help in to me. We are praying for your family - I know facing this situation cross culturally is especially difficult but we know God can gain much glory from the testimony of your family.

  2. As of May 17, 2012, I just checked the web site to see about updates and didn't find anything. Is life returning to normal for the Sturms?

    Please respond to



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